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“My Implant replacement experience with Dr. Veerle Rotsaert”

“I recently had breast surgery with Dr Veerle Rotsaert. This was my 2nd breast enhancement. The first time I had my breast done was around 10 years ago and even though I had a very good result and was happy with the look of my breasts but I wasn’t happy with the size anymore. 

I just turned 46 and I felt that the larger implants did not suit me. I wanted my breasts to look more natural and go down a size (or two). I was very lucky because my skin was in really good condition and I didn’t have to have uplift surgery which I was quite concerned about because of the scarring. However, I was so set to change the size of my breast, I would have had the uplift if needed. 

I met with doctor Dr Rotsaert to discuss my options and I found an instantly liking for her approach to cosmetic surgery.  She explained to me in detail how my patient journey would go and what I could expect from the outcome of my surgery. She shared with me before and after pictures of her other patients which I thought was great. She gets great results for her patients, that gave me the confidence to choose her as my surgeon.  



I had my surgery at the Welbeck hospital in central London, I found the staff incredibly supportive and kind, I felt welcomed and well looked after. Dr Rotsaert came in to prepare me for surgery, she made me feel relaxed and was happy to answer all my questions. Her surgical team were also very friendly.

I woke up in no discomfort and was happy to go home where I recovered well. I had absolutely no complications or any reason to contact the clinic until my next appointment.

I would definitely recommend Dr Rotsaert to anyone looking to have surgery, she truly does beautiful work and I am very happy with my results. “


By Ms. Martynowska



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