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LIPOELASTIC is the world’s leading manufacturer of post-operative compression garments. It is a family-owned business, which takes pride in delivering the highest quality product. Founded in 2002, the company expanded to more than 80 countries worldwide, including the Middle East, Europe and America.


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Recovery takes a couple of weeks and includes wearing a post-operative bra for at least six weeks after the surgery. Some surgeons recommend this to be worn for at least three months to ensure the breast is properly healed, and an implant stabilised.

The post-operative compression bra stabilises the implant, increases the blood circulation and speeds up the healing process while reducing potential risk. It is easy to put on after the procedure due to the front fastening.



It might take around six weeks for recovery from liposuction. You will be advised to wear a particular type of post-operative compression garment covering the treated areas. To encourage your skin to heal properly close the dead space and reduce any swelling, thus minimising the potential risks. Your surgeon might recommend wearing compression garments for at least three months after the procedure.



Compression abdominal binders (waist belts) are designed to be used following any abdominal plastic surgery, tummy tuck, hernia surgery or abdomen liposuction. Abdominal binders offer optimal compression, which is necessary for the best results following surgery. The abdominal binders hold your body straight and with the correct support and improved posture, thus achieving optimal results.

TIP: Abdominal binders can be worn independently. For greater comfort and complementing the result, they can be combined with a post-operative compression garment, wearing it outside as the secondary support.



Male compression garments are designed to be used after abdominal plastic surgery, chest operations and liposuction of tummy, hips, back, buttocks, thighs, flanks and knees, or after gynecomastia (male breast reduction). They are designed to be highly suitable for forming your body and ensuring the right healing process.

LIPOELASTIC offers a wide range of designs, closures and colours. Choose from our range and find the right compression garment for you!


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