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Arm lift

  Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Brachioplasty, or arm lift, can be an excellent option in patients with extra arm tissue. This can be combined with arm liposuction to achieve a sleek silhouette.

One big challenge when getting older or losing weight is dealing with excess skin. Sometimes you cannot manage to tone or tighten your arms with natural methods. Excess skin from the elbow to the shoulder is very typical, particularly for people who are getting older or have lost significant amounts of weight. An upper arm lift removes this excess, hanging skin, sometimes known as “bat wings.” 

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Additional Information

Procedure performed under general anaesthesia at The London Welbeck Hospital.

Dr. V will tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure. This procedure starts with a thorough consultation and proper assessment of your arms. We decide on the desired result and discuss the goals and outcomes together.

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