Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement is a procedure to enhance and improve breast volume and breast shape.

This is a procedure suited for naturally small breasted people as well as for women with asymmetry, ptosis or sagging breasts after e.g. pregnancy and significant weight loss or for women who just want that bit extra.

Deciding on size is a decision you will make together with Dr. V. who firmly believes in tissue-based planning. This is like haute couture, certain implants won’t fit certain body types. She will decide which is the perfect fit together with you. She uses both tear-drop as well as round silicone implants. Depending on an individual’s characteristics we might prefer one over another. No implant fits all hence why we take time to select the ideal implant for your specific body type.

Duration: 1 Hours 30 Minutes

Additional Information

In some cases with significant volume loss you might benefit from combining a breast lift with the placement of breast implants.

Today’s breast implants are safe and durable and extremely well-researched. It does remain important however that you have your breasts checked annually after implant surgery.

Dr. V trained with one of the founding fathers of modern breast implant surgery (Professor Anand Deva in Sydney) and during the consultation she can tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure, the facts surrounding implant surgery and also the fake news. She meticulously follows a number of unique strategies described by Professor Deva to minimise the risk of infection, biofilm and capsular contracture.

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