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Breast Augmentation London

  Duration: 1 hr 30 min

For many women, feeling confident, alive and vibrant goes hand in hand with looking their best. A breast enlargement (augmentation) can make you feel more feminine by not only increasing the size, but also adjusting their shape to create better symmetry.

“The patient is at the centre of everything I do and my aim is to achieve natural results through an amalgamation of technical excellence and a deep understanding of the needs of everybody that walks into the clinic”

Dr Veerle Rotsaert

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Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement is a procedure to enhance and improve breast volume and breast shape.

Time off work
1-2 weeks
Hospital stay
Day case
After 1 week
Sleeping position
On back for 1-2 weeks
Bras & garments
Worn for 6 weeks
Full recovery
4-6 weeks
After 1 week
Physical activity
4-6 weeks

Breast Augmentation

Many of us aren’t entirely happy with the size of our breasts and breast augmentation (boob job) is one of the most common and popular surgical procedures to increase breast size, balance the figure and restore confidence, for those of us who perhaps would like to look and feel more feminine. Whether you have experienced a reduction in the size of your breasts through pregnancy and breast feeding, weight loss or exercise, or have always just wanted larger boobs, Dr Veerle Rotsaert can help you to achieve a beautifully natural look, using her surgical expertise and artistic eye for physical beauty. A breast augmentation involved placing prosthetic implants within the breasts, to create more size and a more pleasing shape.

Why choose breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Veerle Rotsaert?

Unlike many surgeons who have a one-size-fits-all approach to breast enhancement,
Dr Rotsaert is renowned for her bespoke method, where she analyses the patient’s
overall body proportions and lifestyle, before customising an approach to
complement their frame and needs.

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I used 375 and 400 CC Motiva Ergonomix implants which were placed behind the muscle and the tiny scar was hidden in the fold.


295cc ergonomix Implants placed in front of the muscle shown 3 months post-op


Right side 255cc dual plane, left side 275cc dual plane ergonomix Motiva implants shown 4 months post-op


Breast implant using Motiva 275 CC dual plane


275cc dual plane (“behind”) round implants shown 7 months post-op

Frequently asked questions

Am I suitable for breast augmentation?

If you are in good health, are over the age of 18 and wish to enhance and enlarge your breasts, you may be suitable for a surgical augmentation procedure. However, before any surgical treatment can commence with Dr Rotsaert, we will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation, to discuss your concerns about your breasts, the details of the implant procedure and to check your medical history, so that we can ensure that breast surgery will be both safe and suitable for you and will meet your goals. It is at this meeting that you can ask all those questions that you wish, and to gather all the information you need, in order to make an informed and educated decision on whether to proceed with the treatment.

What happens during a breast augmentation?

A Breast augmentation procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic (GA) so you will be unaware of anything happening. The operation can take around an hour to a maximum of two hours. At your consultation, Dr Rotsaert would have analysed your individual body shape, discussed your lifestyle and your desires for your results, before tailoring a bespoke plan for your surgery. This means that you are receiving the best methods of surgery for your unique self. Therefore, incisions may be made under the breast or around the areola. Depending on your physiology, the breast implant may be placed either partly under or over the muscle, and in some cases, a combination of implant and fat transfer may be required, for the most natural physical appearance. Following your surgery, you will be able to recover in one of the hospital rooms and you will be accompanied by a nurse, to ensure you wake up fully, have something to eat and drink and use the toilet before you are discharged, following a final visit from Dr Rotsaert. You will need someone to drive you home as we do not recommend that you drive or use public transport after this invasive procedure.

Will I get scarring with breast augmentation?

As with all surgical procedures which involve cutting and suturing the skin, there can be some visible scarring with a breast augmentation. The scarring pattern will depend on where Dr Rotsaert has decided to make the incisions, but in most cases, as these are made under the breasts within the breast crease, the scars will not be visible unless the breast is lifted up.

Can a breast augmentation be combined with breast lift or breast reduction?

If you are having previous breast implants removed, wish to lift up your sagging breasts or improve the shape of your breasts, a breast lift, breast reduction and breast implant removal can be combined with a breast augmentation in the same surgical procedure. Dr Rotsaert will advise on the best methods to use, to achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking results.

What is the downtime, following a breast augmentation?

You will need to take between one and two weeks off work, following your breast augmentation operation, depending on your job and how physical it is. Not only will your breasts feel heavy, sore and swollen after the operation, but you will need to rest, so that your body can heal. You will not be able to lift heavy things (heavy shopping etc) for several weeks and will need to avoid the gym, excessive arm raising and anything where your body is put under stress or strain for some time, following your operation. As with all surgical procedures, everyone heals at varying rates and you will also need to consider whether you will require more healing time, if you have had a breast lift or reduction, as well as the augmentation procedure.

When will I see the results?

As breast implants are inserted in to the breast cavity during this surgery, you will be able to experience results immediately. However, you will need to consider that your breasts will be heavy and swollen for a few weeks following the operation and this will affect the initial results and your new breasts can take some weeks, even months to settle and soften. You will need to wear a surgical, non-underwired compression bra and possibly a breast strap, to keep the breast implants secure, for 24 hours per day for at least 6 weeks, following your breast augmentation and will also be asked to return to the clinic for a follow-up appointment at around 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and a year after your surgery, to ensure you are healing well and the results are as expected.

About Dr. Veerle Rotsaert

Dr. Rotsaert trained with one of the founding fathers of modern breast implant surgery (Professor Anand Deva in Sydney) and during the consultation she can tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure and the facts surrounding implant surgery. 

In some cases you might benefit from a combination with fat transfer to make the look even more feminine, softer and smoother. 

Dr. Rotsaert prefers using Motiva implants because of their safety standards and aesthetic benefits. Read more here.

Recently featured in Tatler the thing that sets Dr Rotsaert apart is that she truly cares about her patients and is passionate about helping them to achieve their aesthetic goals by tailoring every procedure to their needs.

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