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Breast Augmentation London

  Duration: 1 hr 30 min

For many women, feeling confident, alive and vibrant goes hand in hand with looking their best. A breast enlargement (augmentation) can make you feel more feminine by not only increasing the size, but also adjusting their shape to create better symmetry.

“The patient is at the centre of everything I do and my aim is to achieve natural results through an amalgamation of technical excellence and a deep understanding of the needs of everybody that walks into the clinic”

Dr Veerle Rotsaert

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Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement is a procedure to enhance and improve breast volume and breast shape.

Time off work
1-2 weeks
Hospital stay
Day case
After 1 week
Sleeping position
On back for 1-2 weeks
Bras & garments
Worn for 6 weeks
Full recovery
4-6 weeks
After 1 week
Physical activity
4-6 weeks

Why choose breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Veerle Rotsaert

Unlike many surgeons who have a one-size-fits-all approach to breast enhancement,
Dr Rotsaert is renowned for her bespoke method, where she analyses the patient’s
overall body proportions and lifestyle, before customising an approach to
complement their frame and needs.

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I used 375 and 400 CC Motiva Ergonomix implants which were placed behind the muscle and the tiny scar was hidden in the fold.


295cc ergonomix Implants placed in front of the muscle shown 3 months post-op


Right side 255cc dual plane, left side 275cc dual plane ergonomix Motiva implants shown 4 months post-op


Breast implant using Motiva 275 CC dual plane


275cc dual plane (“behind”) round implants shown 7 months post-op

Your surgical journey

Behind the scenes care to help you take centre stage

Virtual Consultation

Your first surgical consultation with Dr Rotsaert: virtually, for your convenience. Dr Rotsaert will outline the procedure that would best suit your needs, discuss with you the benefits of having surgery and the results you are hoping to achieve.

In Person Consultation

At your in-person consultation, Dr. Rotsaert will be able to answer any additional questions regarding your chosen procedure as well as go through your full medical and family history. This is to make sure you are safe to go ahead with surgery. She will run you through any associated risks, including potential complications of a general anaesthesia, but most importantly the realistic expectations you should have of the final outcome. Dr. Rotsaert takes an extensive amount of time going through medical history as well as she tries to understand the person behind the patient. She believes this is essential to get the best possible result. It is always important to ask questions should you have any, this is so you feel at ease throughout your patient journey.

Your Patient Concierge

Your Patient Concierge is there for you throughout your journey. After meeting with your surgeon, your Patient Concierge will go through fees, booking and surgical process will go from start to finish. They are available should you have any further questions after your consultations. Medical questions are referred back to your surgeon on your behalf.

Pre-Operative Assessment

Your pre-operative (Pre-op) appointment is a medical appointment to prepare you for surgery and check that you are fit for anaesthesia. The tests and investigations required vary depending on your age, health history, habits and any medications you might be taking.


Depending on your procedure, you’ll decide together with Dr. Rotsaert whether you’ll have sedation, local or general anaesthetic. That will determine whether you’ll have to spend a night in the hospital or not. Dr Rotsaert will meet you beforehand to go through the consent forms and you can ask any last-minute questions/concerns here.


Dr. Rotsaert is renowned for her 5-star aftercare, going above and beyond for every single patient. Your surgical aftercare plan is built around you; you can ask any questions at any time to your Patient Concierge or Dr. Rotsaert.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best type of implant for breast enlargement?

There are many different brands of breast implant, and different types within those. What you need to remember is that each woman is different, and there is no one size fits all. Essentially, there are two kinds of shape you will encounter during your consultation period – round or regular implants, and teardrop or anatomical implants. As the names suggest, round implants maintain a curvaceous, round shape whether you’re lying down or standing up. Teardrop implants are teardrop shaped and so they mainly add volume to the lower half, just like natural breasts. One of Dr. Rotsaert’s preferred options is the Ergonomix Motiva implant. This is a highly responsive implant that behaves very much like natural tissue. They hold their roundness when you’re lying down, and form more of a teardrop shape when you’re standing. It’s the best of both worlds.

Will my breasts look natural?

In the hands of a skilled breast enhancement specialised Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Veerle Rotsaert, your breast augmentation results will be as imperceptible and natural as possible. Dr. Rotsaert spends copious amounts of time deciding on the perfect implants size, placement of the implant and approach to surgery, in order to determine and ensure the optimum result. The best possible results can only be achieved when the surgery is personalised to each patient’s individual desires and conditions. Dr. Rotsaert will ensure that you get the best advice after your surgery for the best possible outcome. Dr. Rotsaert is a suture expert and uses the finest and most precise sewing technique is order to minimize any scarring and ensure speedy fading.

How much scarring is left after my breast enlargement surgery?

Like they say: many roads lead to Rome, likewise many surgeons will use different approaches. Dr. V usually positions the scars within the fold under the breast, or the ‘inframammary fold’, so that they are hidden as much as possible. The sutures we use are dissolving sutures, so your body processes them naturally over time – no need for stitches. The scars left by breast implants do not run the whole length of the breast, and tend to be thin. Remember, scar healing is a process – scars can change colour over the course of the healing, and it may take up to 18 months before they reach their maximum diminishing point.

How long is breast augmentation recovery?

Advice might differ on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking no heavy lifting, pushing, pulling or cycling are allowed for a very strict 4 weeks after surgery. After this you can gradually start doing all these things again. Running is strictly prohibited for 6 weeks, same goes for heavy lifting.

How often should breast implants be replaced?

Breast implants are not designed to last forever, but are regarded as a permanent or semi-permanent enhancement, and they have a lengthy “shelf life”. It’s good practice for implants to be removed or replaced roughly every 10-15 years. Depending on changes women may see in their bodies over the years, some like to revisit sooner than that. However, if after 1O years everything is still looking and feeling perfectly fine and your surgeon is still happy you can leave them as they are, just make sure you get regular check-ups.

Should I have over or under the muscle placement?

You will likely have heard of implants being placed both behind and in front of the muscle. Both are valid options that come with their own merits, and which is best depends entirely on the patient. What your Plastic Surgeon will recommend will be based on your health and previous surgical history, your body type, quality of your skin and also the size and type of the implant itself. In the case of a wide chest bone, it can sometimes be better to place the implant in front of the muscle. This is because the muscle attaches to the chest bone, so positioning an implant under the muscle makes it more difficult to narrow the cleavage gap.

About Dr. Veerle Rotsaert

Dr. Rotsaert trained with one of the founding fathers of modern breast implant surgery (Professor Anand Deva in Sydney) and during the consultation she can tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure and the facts surrounding implant surgery. 

In some cases you might benefit from a combination with fat transfer to make the look even more feminine, softer and smoother. 

Dr. Rotsaert prefers using Motiva implants because of their safety standards and aesthetic benefits. Read more here.

Recently featured in Tatler the thing that sets Dr Rotsaert apart is that she truly cares about her patients and is passionate about helping them to achieve their aesthetic goals by tailoring every procedure to their needs.


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