Breast Lift


A mastopexy or breast lift or uplift is a procedure whereby the breasts are lifted as well as reshaped.

This is a procedure suited for women with ptotic, sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding or because of weight fluctuations, genetics, gravity and the ageing process.

Duration: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Additional Information

Through this procedure the breast mound and nipple are lifted, reshaped and breast volume is redistributed to make the breast appear more youthful. The scarring pattern depends on the amount of ptosis or sagging. Mastopexy scars can vary and be limited to a crescent shape above the nipple but can just as well require a so-called lollipop scar. In very droopy breasts we may need to combine a scar around the areola with a horizontal scar in the inframammary fold and a vertical scar linking these two which results in anchor shaped scar. Mastopexy can also reduce the size of your areola. The ideal scarring pattern for you is decided upon during a thorough consultation.

In some cases with significant volume loss you might benefit from combining a breast lift with the placement of breast implants.

Having worked in major breast units Dr. V will tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure. This procedure starts with the consultation and proper assessment of your breasts. We decide on the desired result and discuss the goals and outcomes together.


Procedure performed at the London Welbeck Hospital under General anaesthesia.

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