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Cheek filler

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As we get older collagen starts to break down which can lead to some flattening and sagging of the face. Dermal filler can replace the collagen you lose by ageing, restoring the lost volume and creating a more refreshed and enhanced look.

There are 3 main categories when it comes to cheek filler:

-Volume-loss: Slightly older patients, or patients that have lost quite a bit of weight will notice that their cheeks seem deflated. Dermal filler is an easy way of adding some lost volume without having to do a surgical fat transfer.

-Aesthetic Enhancement: Doctor V sees an increasingly younger audience for cheek filler, who do not necessarily have any volume loss. Dermal filler is temporary and canaddress minor flaws or insecurities in patients in their 20’s and 30’s. Bigger cheeks are considered youthful and feminine on female faces, and nice firm cheekbones are considered more powerful on male faces.

-Nasolabial Fold: The smile lines next to your mouth is also called the nasolabial fold. It often casts a deep shadow and line when we smile. By injecting filler in the cheek or cheekbone, we indirectly address these lines.


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