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  Duration: 4 hr

Where in the past faces were just lifted or pulled, nowadays we look at facelifting as sculpting and restoring lost volume. The term lifting is misleading and should instead better be called facial skin re-draping.

The aim must be to reverse the anatomic effects of ageing by repositioning of the SMAS layer underneath the skin in the most natural way possible.

Some excess skin is removed but it is crucial not to remove too much as this will result in more noticeable wide and uglier scars and the tell-tale sign of a pulled fake look, which Dr. Rotsaert avoids at all cost.

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This procedure is very often combined with other procedures such as

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Dr. Rotsaert trained with arguably the best contemporary facelift surgeons in the world, Dr. Timothy Marten and his associate Dr. Dino Elyassnia in San Francisco. She was their first fellow and has since perfected their technique. .

During an extensive consultation, Dr. Rotsaert will talk you through all surgical details, your medical history, procedure, postoperative period, downtime and risks.


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