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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation surgery? 

A fat transfer is a ‘natural’ form of cosmetic surgery, which entails a liposuction from one part of the body to another to create a better shape, more volume etc to the transferred area. The great thing about this procedure is that it combines the benefits of liposuction from the donor area and an enhancement or augmentation to the transferred area. Dr. Rotsaert will always choose this as a first route because this is the most natural way of surgery.

By using your own fat, we virtually eliminate the necessity to use an implant. Fat transfer surgery is especially interesting for ladies who want a breast implant revision with smaller implants and for ladies who had a mastectomy. The added benefit from this surgery is the long-lasting (lifelong) result. This surgery can be highly tailored to the person’s needs and desires.


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The donor areas Dr. Rotsaert performs liposuction on: 

Arms, abdomen/belly, flanks, chin, hips, saddlebags and thighs.

How does it work?


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Why have fat transfer surgery with Dr. Rotsaert? 

What sets Dr Rotsaert apart is that she truly cares about her patients and is passionate about helping them to achieve their aesthetic goals by tailoring every procedure to their needs.

For breast surgery, many surgeons have a dogmatic belief that one size fits all, Dr Rotsaert’s motto is that each and every surgery – be it a breast augmentation, or any other procedure – is different. Imperceptible scars are a key focus, requiring meticulous planning and very delicate tissue handling, with ethnicity, age and skin type dictating her choice of suture.

For breast enhancement, one of Dr Rotsaert’s preferred methods is fat grafting, which gives the most natural results. ‘Fat is forever, which is why I like to call it liquid gold,’ she explains. This method is often ideal for those wanting a modest enhancement, as the receptor area will benefit from improvement of skin quality because of the fat stem cells. She always recommends her patients do this in combination with  Onda Coolwaves (a revolutionary, painless microwave technology that melts away fat) at Tempus Belgravia, so that the donor side gets the added benefit of skin tightening and irregularity removal.


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