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Gender Affirming/Transgender Body Sculpt


The physical aspects of transitioning can take time, patience and advice from experienced medical practitioners who are empathic to your cause.

At Dr Veerle Rotsaert’s clinic in Belgravia, we understand the emotional challenges that transitioning can present and offer specialised surgical transformations so that you can achieve the feminine figure that you have always dreamed of. The transgender body package combines breast augmentation and fat transfer to the hips for that hourglass silhouette and a curvier appearance.

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Time off work
1 - 2 weeks
Hospital stay
Day case or overnight
After 1 week
Sleeping position
On back for 2 - 3 weeks
Bras & garments
Wear for 6 weeks
Full recovery
4 - 6 weeks
After 1 - 2 weeks
Physical activity
6 weeks

Gender Affirming/Transgender Breast Augmentation

Gender affirming/transgender breast augmentation surgery involves prosthetic silicone gel implants placed within the chest area to give the impression of full and feminine breasts. The operation takes between one and two hours, and there is a period of recovery (around six weeks in most cases) where you will need to rest and heal.

The size, shape and profile of the best breast implants for your body shape, as well as the intricacies of the procedure itself, will be discussed with you at an initial consultation.

Dr Rotsaert will examine your chest area, discuss your desired results with you, and talk about your lifestyle so that she can tailor the best solution to your needs. She will also check your medical history to ensure that you are in good health and that a breast augmentation operation will be a safe procedure for you to undergo.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic, so you will not be aware of anything whilst it takes place. A general anaesthetic, however, always carries an element of risk. Therefore, it’s vital that you disclose your comprehensive medical history and any existing conditions and medications so that Dr Rotsaert can confirm that there are no contraindications to prevent or restrict the procedure from going ahead.

Patients can see the results from a breast augmentation operation immediately. However, expect to be swollen, sore and for your breasts to feel heavy for several weeks after the procedure, and you will be required to wear a special recovery bra and sometimes an implant strap to keep your breast implants from lifting upwards as they settle.

At around a month to 6 weeks, the results should look more natural, and your breast implants will soften in the months to follow.

Breast augmentation using implants can also be combined with fat transfer for an even more natural look. This tends to work well for our more slender patients, with little fat tissue around the chest area.

Fat transfer to the hips, for transgender (MTF) or non-binary patients.

Fat transfer to the hips involves taking fat tissue from certain areas of your body and purifying it to be injected into the hips for a more feminine hip contour. Fat transfer is seen as a natural form of cosmetic surgery, as we are utilising your existing fat tissue, and a prosthetic implant is not required in the hips.

An added benefit of fat transfer is that it combines the benefit of liposuction to slim a donor area and enhancement or augmentation to the transferred area, in this case, the hips.

Dr Rotsaert is a keen advocate of this type of surgery, as it is the most natural way to enhance and re-shape areas of the body and gives a soft, feminine and natural result.

During the procedure you are asleep And once asleep the donor area is numbed for additional post-op comfort. The fat is then removed via liposuction and converted to a special processor to separate the fat cells. These purified fat cells are then injected into the hips, where a rounder and fuller effect is required.

You will see your results immediately from this procedure; however, there will be a period of recovery where you may be swollen, sore and tender for a few weeks following the procedure. You will most likely need to wear a compression garment following your liposuction procedure. This helps to minimise swelling and helps with lymphatic drainage of this area.

Gender Affirming/Transgender Body Sculpt

Dr Rotsaert consults regularly with her trans patients on the practicalities of combined surgeries.

You can discuss this with her at your initial meeting. Between you both, and with the care of your patient concierge, you can achieve the results you have always desired.

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