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Labiaplasty / labial reduction

  Duration: 1 hr

Labiaplasty or labial reduction (/remodelling) is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance and function of a woman’s labia minora and/or majora hereby improving women’s quality of life. It can be done on the inner labial lips, the outer labial lips, or both. This surgery is performed in central London at the London Welbeck Hospital.

Women with large, protruding, or hanging labia may experience pain when walking or playing sports, feel uncomfortable when wearing tight clothing like jeans, encounter difficulty with personal hygiene, and might suffer from pain with sexual intercourse. Sometimes, they also feel self-conscious about being seen naked, in a swimsuit, or during intimacy. Women who have labiaplasty are among the happiest plastic surgery patients.

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There are many reasons why some women choose to have Labiaplasty / labial reduction:

  • Discomfort during sport or other leisure activities
  • Aesthetic reasons
  • Although there is no ‘normal’ appearance for labia, some patients experience embarrassment during intimacy

What happens during a Labiaplasty / labial reduction? 

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Additional Information

Dr Veerle Rotsaert is London’s leading female Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Rotsaert understands that life altering surgery deserves the highest possible level of care. What sets her apart is that she truly cares about her patients. Get in touch for a complimentary (virtual) consultation.

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Sometimes this procedure is performed in combination with an abdominoplasty or other procedures.

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