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Lip Lift

  Duration: 1 hr

Lengthening of the upper white lip (which is the space between your nose and upper lip) is a hallmark of ageing. Shortening this distance through a surgical procedure called a lip lift will make your lips appear fuller, younger and more attractive.

The upper lip is elevated through a small incision under the nose. It shortens the distance between your nose and upper lip by removing that excess bit of skin.

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This is a procedure suitable for people with naturally thin lips who want to stop using dermal fillers (or lip filler). This procedure will decrease the length of the upper white lip and at the same time it will make the natural red lip reveal itself more.

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Additional Information

It is very important that the natural border between the lip and nose is preserved as we strive for an optimal and hopefully almost imperceptible scar.

There will inevitably be some swelling, bruising and the incision might be a bit sore. During a consultation Dr. V will go through everything with you and decide on which approach is the best one for you.

Most patients return to work and are comfortable going out in public within a couple of days after surgery. Patients should refrain from strenuous exercise and physical activities for at least two to three weeks. During the recovery process, it is important for patients to get some rest and take it easy.

Procedure performed at The London Welbeck Hospital under local anaesthesia.

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