Liposuction is a procedure through which we are able to remove localised deposits of fat through extremely small incisions. The remaining skin shrinks back in order to achieve a slimmer contour. Because liposuction is unfortunately not a cure for excess skin, the best candidates are those with spot areas of stubborn fat, reasonable skin tone and little extra skin. Liposuction can be performed in those patients that do not quite have these optimal anatomic characteristics but expectations must be realistic and carefully managed in such cases. During your consultation, Dr. V will carefully review with you your specific anatomic characteristics and will help guide you to a surgical plan that best meets your expectations.

Additional Information

Liposuction is no weight loss procedure. It is instead designed to remove stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. The most common areas of resistant fatty deposits include the abdomen, the so called love handles, the outer and inner thighs, the arms, and the neck.

Prices of cases under general anaesthesia start at £3300. These procedures are performed at The London Welbeck Hospital.

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