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Explant/Removal of breast implants

  Duration: 2 hr 30 min

The lifespan of breast implants is roughly 10-15 years. 

After years of having had breast implants some women just want to have their implants removed regardless of whether or not the lifespan of their implants has been reached. Times and people change and this sometimes causes people to regret previously made decisions or decide that they have reached a point in their lives where they feel they don’t need implants anymore. 

Women can then have their implants removed or exchanged for new ones.

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There are many reasons why some women want a breast implant removal

  • Capsular contracture/pain
  • Possible Ruptures/No more fear of Ruptures: Although very low-risk, especially with newer implants, older implants sometimes rip.
  • No More Replacements
  • The recovery for implant removal is short
  • Shopping: Removal of implants can make you loose 1-2 sizes

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Procedure performed: Breast Implant Explant/Removal – results shown after 3 months


Procedure performed: Breast Implant Explant/Removal after 19 years with rupture of implant (breast augmentation done by other Plastic Surgeon) – results shown after 4 weeks

Additional Information

This is a procedure that can be straightforward and easy but depending on the indication this can just as well be a slightly lengthier and more laborious procedure.

A small percentage of women suffer from painful capsular contracture for which we have to perform a capsulectomy (total or en bloc). 

Depending on the amount of breast tissue and sagginess of your natural breast tissue you might have to consider an uplift afterwards. The scarring pattern depends on the amount of sagging.

Having worked in major breast units Dr. Rotsaert will tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure. This procedure starts with the consultation and proper assessment of your breasts. Dr. Rotsaert, together with her patients, decides on the treatment goals and desired outcome together.

You will have to wear a sports bra for 6 weeks day and night after surgery. You will have to refrain from heavy lifting and exercise for 6 weeks. 

Stitches are dissolvable, which means your body digests them so there is no need for them to be removed. 

Drains might be used depending on the case.

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