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“Taking London by storm”

Co-founder of Tempus Belgravia, Dr Veerle Rotsaert is quickly becoming the capital’s leading female plastic surgeon.

PERFECTION IS UNATTAINABLE BUT I’ll try to get you as close as possible,’ is the mantra of London’s leading female plastic surgeon, Dr Veerle Rotsaert. The thing that sets Dr Rotsaert apart is that she truly cares about her patients and is passionate about helping them to achieve their aesthetic goals by tailoring every procedure to their needs.

Before setting up Tempus Belgravia – London’s newest aesthetic destination – Dr Rotsaert established her successful career as a plastic surgeon in Belgium. She has since travelled the world perfecting her skills and techniques, learning from renowned plastic surgeons. Fittingly, her motto is: ‘to be the best you need to learn from the best’.

Dr V, as she is known, understands that building trust and creating a transparent treatment pathway are both crucial for the best possible outcome. She prides herself on her five-star aftercare and being on standby at all times. When it comes to surgery, her method is not to make you look different, it’s to make you look and feel like a more optimised version of yourself. A hands-on, diehard perfectionist, she is happy only when the patient is happy.

Take breast surgery. While many surgeons have a dogmatic belief that one size fits all, Dr V’s motto is that each and every surgery – be it a breast augmentation, or any other procedure – is different. Imperceptible scars are a key focus, requiring meticulous planning and very delicate tissue handling, with ethnicity, age and skin type dictating her choice of suture.

For breast enhancement, one of Dr V’s preferred methods is fat grafting, which gives the most natural results. ‘Fat is forever, which is why I like to call it liquid gold,’ she explains. This method is often ideal for those wanting a modest enhancement, as the receptor area will benefit from improvement of skin quality because of the fat stem cells. She always recommends her patients do this in combination with Onda Coolwaves (a revolutionary, painless microwave technology that melts fat), so that the donor side gets the added benefit of skin tightening and irregularity removal.

Mummy makeovers – the individually tailored combination of breast, tummy, lipo and/or labia work, are another one of Dr V’s specialities. Pregnancy and childbirth can have such a life-changing impact on women’s bodies and self-confidence, that a ‘mummy makeover’ is one of the most truly transformative and rewarding surgeries to perform. When it comes to the face, lips are an often underestimated and vital part of facial beauty. Dr V specialises in creating naturally beautiful lips, balancing size and fullness with facial proportions.

Dr Veerle Rotsaert

London’s leading female plastic surgeon, Dr Veerle Rotsaert specialises in breast and facial procedures, and is renowned for her exceptional patient care.



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