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Breast Reduction

  Duration: 2 hr 28 min

Breast reduction reduces the volume of your breasts while at the same time reshaping and lifting them.

This procedure literally takes weight off your chest. It has a cosmetic but also a significant functional benefit. It can improve many physical symptoms like neck, shoulder, back and chest pain, bra grooving, tension headaches as well as irritation and infection in the breast folds.

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Time off work
1 - 2 weeks
Hospital stay
After 1 week
Sleeping position
On back 1 - 2 weeks
Bras & garments
Sports bra for 8 weeks
Full recovery
6 - 8 weeks
2 weeks
Physical activity
6 weeks

Breast Reduction

To have larger breasts may seem like a blessing to others. However, in many cases, large breasts can cause a myriad of physical and emotional issues; from back ache, neck and shoulder pain, bra grooving, tension headaches, soreness and infection under breast crease folds, to embarrassment and upset from insensitive remarks or lingering looks. Breast reduction surgery reduces the volume of your breasts, at the same time, re-shaping and lifting them, for comfort and physical wellbeing, better fitting clothing and a renewed confidence. Dr Veerle Rotsaert offers breast reduction for anyone who is fit and well, who wishes to improve their appearance and quality of life.

Through this procedure breast volume and breast weight is reduced whilst at the same time reshaping and repositioning the breasts, while respecting your frame and making sure your new size suits your figure. The scarring pattern depends on your breast size and shape but is usually a combination of a scar around the areola, a horizontal scar in the breast fold and a vertical scar linking these two. This is the so-called anchor shaped scar.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I suitable for breast reduction surgery?

If you are in good health, are over the age of 18 and are seeking to reduce the size of your breasts, you may be suitable for this surgical procedure. However, before any treatment can commence with Dr Rotsaert, we will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation, to discuss your concerns about your breasts, the details of the procedure and to check your medical history, so that we can ensure that the surgery will be both safe and suitable for you and will meet your goals. It is at this meeting that you can ask all those questions that you wish, and to gather all the information you need, in order to make an informed and educated decision, on whether to proceed.

What happens during a breast reduction surgery?

A breast reduction procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic (GA) so you will be unaware of anything happening, throughout the operation. Under usual circumstances, the procedure can take around 2 to 3.5 hours. At your consultation, Dr Rotsaert would have analysed your individual body shape, discussed your lifestyle and your desires for your results, before tailoring a bespoke plan for your surgery. This means that you are receiving the best methods of surgery for your specific requirements. As a result of this procedure, the volume and weight of your breasts will be reduced, as breast tissue is surgically removed, during the operation. The shape and position of your breasts will also be improved, to respect your physical frame and figure. The positioning of your nipple may also be altered, to suit your new breast appearance. Following your surgery, you will be able to recover in one of the hospital's comfortable rooms where you will send the night and you will be taken care of by a nurse, to ensure you wake up fully, have something to eat and drink and use the toilet before a final checkup from Dr Rotsaert. On the day after surgery Dr Rotsaert reviews you prior to going home. You will need someone to drive you home as we do not recommend that you drive yourself, or use public transport after this invasive procedure.

Will I get scarring with breast reduction surgery?

As with all surgical procedures which involve cutting and suturing the skin, there is some visible scarring with this surgery. The scarring pattern with a breast reduction surgery depends on your breast size and shape. However, it is usually a combination of a scar around the areola, a horizontal scar in the breast fold and a vertical scar which links the two. This is known as an anchor-shaped scar.

What is the downtime, following a breast reduction?

You will need to take between one and two weeks off work, following your breast operation, depending on your job and how physical it is. Not only will your breasts feel sore and swollen after the operation, but you will need to rest well, so that your body can heal properly. You will not be able to lift heavy things (heavy shopping etc) for several weeks and will need to avoid the gym, excessive arm raising and anything where your body is put under stress or strain for some time, following your operation. As with all surgical procedures, everyone heals at varying rates and eating well, drinking plenty of water and taking care of yourself in these crucial weeks, will help you to heal faster and with no complications, following the surgery.

When will I see the results?

You will be able to experience your results immediately. However, you will need to consider that your breasts will be sore and swollen for a few weeks following the operation and this will affect the initial results. You will need to wear a surgical, non-underwired compression bra for 23 hours per day for at least 6 weeks, following your breast operation and will also be asked to return to the clinic for a follow-up appointment at around a month, after your surgery, to ensure you are healing well and the results are as expected.

Additional Information

This is a commonly performed procedure by Dr. Rotsaert and patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery are generally the happiest and most grateful patients in the plastic surgery universe.

Having worked in major breast units Dr. Rotsaert will tell you all about certain risks and complications that come with this procedure. Your surgical journey starts with a thorough consultation and proper assessment of your breasts. The desired size, treatment goals and outcomes will be determined during your consultation.

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