Breast Reduction


Breast reduction reduces the volume of your breasts whilst in the meantime reshaping and lifting them.

This procedure literally takes weight off your chest. It has a cosmetic but also a significant functional benefit. It will improve many physical symptoms like neck, shoulder and back pain as well as irritation and infection in the inframammary folds.

Duration: 2 Hours 28 Minutes

Additional Information

This is a commonly performed procedure by Dr. V and patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery are generally the happiest patients in plastic surgery universe.

Through this procedure breast volume is reduced whilst in the meantime reshaping and re-positioning the breasts all throughout respecting your body type. The scarring pattern depends on your breast size and shape but is usually a combination of a scar around the areola, a horizontal scar in the inframammary fold and a vertical scar linking these two. This is the so called anchor shaped scar.

Having worked in major breast units Dr. V will tell you all about certain risks and complications involved with this procedure. This procedure starts with a thorough consultation and proper assessment of your breasts. We decide on the desired size and discuss the goals and outcomes together.

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