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Breast Reduction Surgery Guide 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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Breast reduction surgery in London is more popular than ever in 2022 as more women are having surgery to reduce their breast size. Why? Because women who have lived with large breasts for a long time have decided during lockdown that it’s impacted most areas of their life and and it’s time to reduce the size of their breasts. 

If you have larger than normal boobs, sagging breasts and are not happy with the shape or size of them, you will understand the physical and emotional effects that this can have on your wellbeing.

Many people with large breasts can suffer with all sorts of physical issues, such as back ache, bad posture, problems with exercising and choosing well-fitting clothing. The emotional consequences can include a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment when subjected to unsolicited looks or negative comments.

If you’re looking for the best breast reduction surgeon in London, you’ve come to the right place. At Dr Veerle Rotsaert’s clinic in Belgravia, we recognise that having larger breasts isn’t always a blessing and aim to help all our patients through bespoke consultations and effective treatments such as breast reduction surgery so that they can have their perfect breasts.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure which is carried out under a general anaesthetic. The surgery usually involves the removal of excess glandular breast tissue, fat and excess skin from the breast area, the reshaping of remaining breast tissue and moving the nipple to a new position, whilst usually still attached to the main blood supply.

The procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours and an overnight hospital stay is usually required, so we can monitor the initial stages of your recovery.

Do I need a breast reduction or a breast uplift?

In many cases, a breast reduction surgery as well as an uplift can be performed, for ultimate results. However, in an initial consultation with Dr Rotsaert, your requirements for results will be discussed at length. She will also examine your breasts and advise whether a reduction only, or a reduction as well as an uplift may be needed.

In cases where the breasts are simply sagging and there is not a lot of volume or weight to the breasts, an uplift may be all that is required. If your breasts are simply larger than you would like but are not sagging, a reduction only may be required and not an uplift.

Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

As long as the areola remains attached to the milk ducts, breast feeding following this surgery is highly likely. However, it’s important to discuss this with Dr Veerle Rotsaert at your initial consultation as even though breast feeding is still possible if the areola is removed and replaced during the surgery, the amount of breast milk provided can be limited.

Are there any risks associated with breast reduction surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are always going to be some risks with this procedure. Although rare, these can include:-

  • Complications with anaesthesia
  • Seroma (fluid accumulation)
  • Infection, post-surgery
  • Bleeding post-surgery
  • Changes, a reduction or loss of sensitivity
  • Uneven scarring
  • Pain or discomfort in the breasts
  • Revision surgery later in life, should you put on weight, causing significant enlargement and drooping of the breasts

As Dr Veerle Rotsaert is a leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon and specialises in breast surgery, you can rest assured that the risks and potential side-effects will be kept to an absolute minimum. Any risks associated with this operation will be discussed in your preliminary consultations with Dr Rotsaert.

Does the NHS offer breast reduction surgery?

As breast reduction surgery is seen as a cosmetic procedure, many NHS doctors will not agree to you having this treatment on the NHS. In some cases however, the NHS will offer breast reduction, but only if you are experiencing the following:

  • Your breasts are limiting your physical activity
  • You are experiencing physical pain, such as back, neck or shoulder pain, caused by the weight of your breasts
  • You have shoulder indentations from bra straps
  • You have skin irritation beneath the breast crease

What is the recovery time after a breast reduction?

Expect to take around a week off work, following your breast reduction surgery. You will need to limit physical activity such as exercise and lifting heavy objects, while your breasts heal. Dr Rotsaert may also recommend that you avoid wearing bras that contain underwiring for several months afterwards and you will need to return to the clinic after around 2 weeks, so that the nurse can remove any stitches and check on your recovery, as well as to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Will I have scarring after a breast reduction?

Breast reduction, like breast enhancement, involves making incisions (cuts) into the skin. This makes some scarring inevitable. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be stuck with significant scarring following this surgery, as Dr Rotsaert will use state-of-the-art techniques to minimise the scars. There are ways to reduce the appearance of scars during and after surgery and these, along with the potential scar patterns can be discussed in your pre-treatment consultation.

Will my breasts grow back after a breast reduction?

While it is very rare, breast growth after a reduction procedure can be possible in some cases. During the procedure, Dr Rotsaert will remove a portion of your glandular breast tissue. If the remaining tissue becomes enlarged at some point in the future, the breasts can increase in size. Making sure that you maintain a healthy weight and exercise regime can assist to prolong your results and avoid further breast growth.

Why should I choose Dr Veerle Rotsaert for my breast reduction surgery?

Many women would prefer to undergo surgery with a female plastic surgeon, as they may feel more comfortable being examined, discussing the procedure and undergoing surgery with a woman. Dr Veerle Rotsaert is quickly becoming London’s leading female plastic surgeon, after establishing a successful career in Belgium and travelling the world, perfecting her skills and techniques from some of the most renowned plastic surgeons in their field, she is now performing her ground-breaking surgeries in Central London. Dr. Rotsaert truly cares about her patients. She spends copious amounts of time getting to know each and every one, because building trust is crucial for the best possible outcome. Above all, she prides herself on her 5-star aftercare because she is only happy when you are happy!

As Dr Veerle Rotsaert’s clinic is based in the UK, you can be sure of the most superb service and world-class aftercare. We are on hand to answer any questions and help with any unforeseen circumstances, if they arise. No question is too silly and you have the peace of mind that we are accessible and available, for anything you require, following your procedure.

If you are considering a breast reduction and would like to know more, you can book a no obligation consultation with Dr Veerle Rotsaert at our Belgravia clinic.

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